Privacy Policy

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The following is the privacy policy for Tristan Chin's Website (hereinafter referred to as "Website"). The Website is owned and managed by Tristan Chin.

The privacy policy describes how the Website uses your data:

  • when it is collected;
  • how it is collected;
  • what is collected;
  • where it is stored;
  • why it is collected;
  • how long it is stored;

Where does this policy apply?

This privacy policy only applies to the following origins:


Any other origin hosting the Website is either considered development deployment or is not affiliated with this Website or Tristan Chin. The latter case should be reported to Tristan Chin at [email protected] , so that appropriate measures be taken into action.

Policy for development deployments

Development deployments are usually private to Tristan Chin only, unless you've been invited explicitly by Tristan Chin and granted access. In such cases, the privacy policy detailed below does not apply. By using a development deployment, you consent that your data may be recorded for development and testing purposes only. Development deployments have their own separate instances of data processors and are not subject to the same features the production deployments have.

Compliance with GDPR and CCPA

This privacy policy is designed to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Tristan Chin ensures that personal data is processed in accordance with these regulations.

Cookie Policy

The Website makes use of cookies. Cookies are a small piece of data that is stored on your browser and can be read by the Website. Cookies usually live until you remove them from your browser. They are only persisted through sessions of the browser you're on and do not persist to any other browser you may use on your device, unless you import them to another browser.

Types of cookies

The following are the current types of cookies in use on the Website. It's worth noting that other types of cookies exist, but if they aren't listed below, they are not currently in use by the Website.

Functional cookies

These cookies are required in order for the Website to function properly. It is not possible to opt-out of these cookies. By using the Website, you agree to the use of functional cookies within your browser. If you do not agree the to use of functional cookies, you must stop using the Website immediately.

Cookieless tracking

While not a type of cookie (since it describes the abscence of cookies), it is worth noting that the Website actively engages in cookieless tracking. Cookieless tracking is a method to enable a website to gather analytical data in a completely anonymous way. The goal of cookieless tracking is to make it easier for the Website to comply with data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

The Website will respect your browser's "do not track" (DNT) setting, if set. If this setting is enabled on your browser, cookieless tracking will not occur.

When is my data collected?

Because the website only makes use of cookieless tracking, as long as your browser is not configured to send a "do not track" request with it's requests to the Website, data collection is enabled. All data collected through cookieless tracking is anonymous and non-identifiable.

How is my data collected?

Data is collected through events you make on the website. An event can be any action you take on the Website from the moment you start using it. This includes, but is not limited to, actions like page views, clicks, time spent on each page and page leaves. The Website only records events triggered on the Website.

What data is collected?

The following information is collected and included in event data sent to data processors:

  • The country (e.g.: Canada) and territory (e.g.: Quebec). Your IP address is not stored.
  • Your browser kind (e.g.: Chrome). The user agent and browser version are not stored.
  • Your device's Operating System (OS) (e.g.: Windows). The OS version and device screen/viewport width/height are not stored.
  • How you reached the Website, such as from another social media platform. This is collected through UTM parameters in the URL that brought you to the Website.

What data is not collected?

The Website does not intentionally collect sensitive or special category personal information, such as genetic data, biometric data for the purposes of uniquely identifying a natural person, health information, or religious information.


The Website does not knowingly collect information from or direct it's content specifically to children under the age of 18. Furthermore, the data collected cannot be attributed to a natural person, so children cannot be identified on the Website either directly or indirectly.

Where is my data stored?

Your information may be stored on the following data processors. These data processors may have their own privacy policy, which will be linked for each one of them. These data processors have been vetted and follow rigourous processes to ensure the security of your data.

  • PostHog: main data processor for events. Stored on a european server only. Tristan Chin is the data Controller.
  • Vercel Analytics: gathers anonymous, non-identifiable data about requests made to the Website, such as the country of origin and browser type.


Your data is stored in a secure environment on PostHog's EU servers, which is SOC2 compliant. You can read more about PostHog's security measures here. Additionally, Tristan Chin is the only individual who has access to PostHog and has taken precautions to secure his account with a unique and random password as well as enabling two-factor authentication on the relevant account.

Finally, since the Website only collects anonymous and non-identifiable data, your privacy would persist even in the event of a data breach. It's also worth noting that the Website or Tristan Chin does not own or share data with other sources that could be used to cross-identify you between datasets.

Why is my data collected?

Legitimate interests

Your data may be used to gather insight into how the average user of the Website interacts with the Website. This information can be used to identify patterns where the Website is considered useful and others where the Website is considered less useful. This helps shift development of the Website towards a better overall user experience.

Your data may also be used to gain insight on how it performs technically and can help make the user experience more fluid and/or fix bugs that may occur during a page visit.

How long is my data retained?

Since all collected data is anonymized from the beginning, the anonymous data may be held indefinitely or removed at the data controller's discretion, in accordance with data privacy regulations regarding the retention of anonymous data.

Is my data sold to anyone?

No. Your data is not sold to any party.

Is my data shared with anyone?

No. Your data is not shared with any party.

Is my data transferred outside the EU?

  • PostHog's data is hosted and remains in the EU.
  • Vercel's data may be stored on US servers

In all cases listed above, since data collected is anonymous, they both comply with data regulation policies. (in this case, the GDPR is mostly concerned about data transfers)

Policy changes

Tristan Chin reserves the right to make changes to the current privacy policy at any time. The date of last modification of the policy is indicated at the top of this page. By continuing to use the Website, you accept the changes that were made to it. You are encouraged to keep up to date with the privacy policy regularly.


Should you have any other question regarding your privacy, please inquiry to Tristan Chin, by email, at the following email address: [email protected].